Navigating the Gel World - September 29th

Navigating the Gel World - September 29th

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When it comes to gel nail products, the industry has changed tremendously leaving nail techs with more questions than answers.  In this class, we will review and discuss the different types of gel available to nail techs today including chemical make up and application.  We will discuss the difference in the types of gel that are available to nail professionals.  We will also go over tips and tricks that will help in how to decide what type of gel is best for you, your skill level, and your client including self leveling gels and hard gels.  In addition, we will also go over how to use what you have to achieve nail art trends without having to purchase additional products.  Finally, we will discuss how to market yourself and price your services. 

Items needed for class: This is a hands on class.  Please bring:

  1. Anything that you are having issues or trouble with.
  2. LED or UV light with extension cord.
  3. Table set up including your gel brushes, towel, and whatever you use at your table on a daily basis. Including, gel base coat, top coat, colors, gel brushes, nail art brushes, etc.
  4. Have your non-dominant hand free of product. If we are able to work on each other we will.

This is not a product specific class, however, the nail instructor will be using enVogue Sculptured Gel Systems for demonstrations.

Students will receive a certificate for 8 hours of instruction upon completion of the class.

Class will be held on September 29th, 2019 beginning 9:00am at:

Spruce Pine Fire and Rescue
100 Firefighter Way
Spruce Pine NC 2877